Our Staff

Anna Z. Blau

Executive Director

“As the executive director of IWH, it’s been a privilege to see the agency’s impact when survivors of violence learn to live violence-free.”

Drea Williams

Victim's Advocate

Christina Mora

Evening Assistant

Lillian T. Kuklya

Finance Director

“I am so inspired by the women who face extraordinary challenges in overcoming abusive situations and achieve productive lives for themselves and their children.”

Shannon Thornquist

Children's Advocate

Kimberly Lim

Overnight Assistant

Laura M. Mora

Manager, Domestic Violence Advocacy Unit

“As a survivor, I have benefited from and witnessed first hand the difference IWH has made in thousands of women’s lives since 1997.”

Marilyn Bresnan

Volunteer Coordinator

Vee Patel

Victim's Advocate

Jan Rampley

Weekend Shelter Manager

24 Hour Hotline: 770-413-5557
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